It is utterly impossible for any intelligent, honorable, well-informed person to have anything other than contempt for Donald Trump, the:

pathological liar, serial adulterer, accused child rapist, domestic abuser (Ivana, while UNDER OATH, accused him of battering and raping her), self-proclaimed sexual predator, contractor-stiffer, sham university con artist, sham foundation con artist, insurrectionist, election rigger, thief of classified documents, tax fraudster, and golf cheater...


...who speaks at a 4th grade level and claims to be the world's FOREMOST AUTHORITY on an astonishing list of disciplines.

And, to boot, what sort of man paints himself orange???

Those who still support Trump haven't just lost touch with reality, they've also lost touch with humanity.

They are cultural, intellectual, spiritual, social and political dead-losses beyond redemption.

While the rest of us may be required to share a country with them, we are under no obligation to treat them with anything other than contempt.

In a deep study of The Flozberks, we have discerned an impressively long list of similarities between them and the Trumps. Here we shall explain them.

From the team that brought you